Guest Posts: The Best Way to Build Links and Traffic Simultaneously

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 9th, 2019

Guest Posts

Most of the bloggers are looking for ways to build links & generate traffic.  They resort to number of practices – good as well as bad – to attract traffic and increase the number of visitors.  Many bloggers indulge in link exchange, copying content from other blogs or article directories, rewriting articles for the blog and some are also creating good quality content and building quality links for their blog.  After the introduction of Google Panda, it has become all the more difficult to rank high in the search engines with petty SEO techniques.  What is the easiest way to build links and get traffic  to your blog?  The anwer is simple! Guest Blogging.  Writing high quality Guest Posts for the popular blogs is the best way to build links and traffic simultaneously.


What is Guest Blogging?

Guest Blogging is the process by which you can write content as a guest for blogs which you don’t own.  The posts written by you for other blogs are called Guest Posts and it is published on respective blogs subject to approval by the blog owner.

Off-late, this practice has gained popularity due to a simple reason that the popular blog owners cannot find enough time to write posts on regular basis and hire writers to write for their blogs.  With guest posts, these professional bloggers get high quality content for free from the new or even less established bloggers. Guest Posts are written with an intention to get link from the blog on which the guest post is published, build traffic for your blog , increase exposure and start building relationships with the readers.

You get a link on the blog where your Guest Post has been published. The common practice is to include an author bio or resource box below the guest post in which the link to blog of the Guest Poster is placed.


Benefits of Guest Blogging

1. The best source for quality traffic:  Guest Posting regularly for popular blogs in your niche will provide you with a great opportunity to build quality traffic by reaching your target audience.  The popular blogs have a loyal reader-base and when your post gets published on such blogs, you are getting a huge exposure in terms of publicity of your blog, interacting with the readers of your Guest Post and generation of traffic on your blog.  Guest Blogging is the only way of getting quick & high quality traffic apart from SEO which is a long-term and difficult process.

2. Free Promotion: It is well-known that all the popular blogs have a vast reader-base, subscribers, etc.  In addition, they go all out on promoting their each & every post to stay ahead of competition.  If you are lucky to get your Guest Post published on such blogs, you are getting free promotion without paying a single penny. That’s a huge long-term benefit.

3. Build Subscribers: The established blogs have established subscriber-base which includes emails subscribers, RSS subscribers, Twitter Followers and Facebook followers.  If you have good content on your blog, you can also get these subscribers to subscribe to your blog.

4. High Exposure:  By writing regularly for a particular blog, you will gain trust of the readers and they will feel compelled to have a look at your blog.  You will be able to convert many of these visitors to your loyal subscribers.

5. Build Backlinks: You will get backlinks for each Guest Post published.  These back links are highly valuable compared to other backlinks from link exchange, article directories, etc. as it gives perpetual link juice for your blog as and when it is shared by the readers of the blog on their Twitter or Facebook pages or linked to their own blogs.

Guest Posting is a cool thing.  With a right approach to Guest Posting, you can take your blog to the next level.  Happy Guest Blogging!