Nvidia’s GTX 590 Details Leaked:GPUs Meet Competition

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 11th, 2019

Nvidia's GTX 590 Details Leaked:GPUs Meet Competition

Recently details were leaked online about Nvidia’s upcoming Dual Chip GPU – Geforce GTX 590. Perhaps the most exciting is that the launch is set for March, in the same timeframe as AMD Radeon HD 6990 is expected to arrive. Talking about what it has got to offer let’s see.

The Dual GF-110 Core allows for a total of 1024 Cuda Core (2 x 512) and a 3GB of GDDR5 memory which is a GIG lesser than the rival HD 6990. The Core clock is maintained at 612Mhz while the GDDR5 memory is operated at 855mhz (3420Mhz effective) along with a 384bit x 2 memory bandwidth interface.

The card is powered with two 8 pin PCI-e connectors, We previously stated that it would use dual 4 pin connectors but that was just a hoax. TDP would be around the 300-450 mark which means a 650W PSU should be sufficient enough to run it. The card comes with 3 x DVI and 1 x HDMI connector and utilized all the Nvidia exclusive features such as PhysX, 3D Vision, 3D stereoscopic, CUDA. Release date of the card is 2 days ahead on 24th March 2011, The reason for the 2-day delay is said to be some driver optimization issue.

The reason NVIDIA has chosen to use the maximal number of CUDA cores is that this becomes a more efficient solution than turning of shader blocks and increasing frequencies. GeForce GTX 590 will instead get considerably lower clock frequencies and voltages than GeForce GTX 580 that use a single GF110 GPU. This is a pretty obvious sacrifice considering that GTX 580 is rated 244-watt TDP, with just one GPU.

A quick comparison of cards might give a clear overview, to the gamers and fans waiting for this latest GPU.

Model GTX 590 GTX 580 GTX 480 GTX 285
40nm 40nm 40nm 55nm
Die size
2 x 529 mm2 529 mm2 529 mm2 470 mm2
Transistors 2 x 3 000 M 3000M 3200 M 1400 M
Shaders 1024 512 480 240
Texture units 128 64 60 80
ROPs 96. 48 48 28
Memory type
Memory buffer
3072 MB 1536 MB 1536 MB 1024 MB
Bandwidth 2 x 384-bit 384-bit 384-bit 512-bit
DirectX support
DX11 DX11 DX11 DX10
Max. consumption A lot 244W 250W 183W

The GeForce GTX 590 will go head-to-head with AMD’s HD 6990 for the dual-GPU performance crown, with Nvidia hoping to finally offer the fastest video card on the planet. Prior to the HD 6990, that distinction belonged to AMD’s Radeon HD 5970, also a dual-GPU card.