Green Energy Politics in 2012 [Infographic]

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 19th, 2019

Green Energy and Politics

Green energy is a major concern of today’s consumers and businesses. Wind and solar power are the latest craze among concerned citizens, but are these new technologies truly green? How do politics affect American energy production? What’s going on in green energy politics in 2012?

Wind turbines could supply sixteen times more power than the current national demand, but these giants have their downsides. Producing turbines requires mining operations that cause some pollution, and some areas have reported bird and bat deaths due to turbines. Solar panels are rapidly becoming more efficient, but production requires minerals and dangerous chemicals that could damage the environment if improperly managed.

America’s Presidential candidates Obama and Romney have taken separate stands on the issues of sustainable energy. Democrat Barack Obama has supported wind and solar power, while Republican Mitt Romney’s campaign has spoken out in favor of American gas, oil, and coal production to generate more jobs. Voters will decide whose ideas are better next month.

green energy and politics