11 Great Tips To Improve IPhone 4S Battery Life

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON February 8th, 2023
Great Tips to Improve iPhone 4S Battery Life

Apple’s iPhone 4S is an amazing innovation that clubs together an 8MP camera, 1080 pixels video recording, an enhanced graphics processor, a dual-core A5 chip, and a lot more. The iPhone 4S runs on iOS 5. This is Apple’s latest mobile operating system and iCloud allows wireless storage space for music and other types of information. Although iPhone 4S is packed with exciting features and is fun to handle, it has one major setback: the battery life. Yes, that’s right. The battery life is the ‘dark’ spec in iPhone’s technical specifications. With growing concerns about the battery dying in an 8-hour workday schedule, the battery drain has to be replenished by constant charging every couple of hours. Of course, for those of you who are eager enough, a few tweaks can help conserve your iPhone 4S battery for long hours. Here are 11 great tips to improve iPhone 4S battery life for good:


1. Location Services: Turn Them Off 

iPhone’s built-in GPS can track your location and give you directions to your desired location. When you tag pictures, search for local stores, or check out places, your iPhone gets exhausted! When you are not using the location services, it is better to switch them off and save power.


2. Set to Auto-Brightness and Decrease Existing Brightness Levels 

With an ambient light sensor, the screen’s brightness can be adjusted to the surrounding light conditions automatically thus saving the battery in bright places. If you do not want to rely on the Auto-Brightness feature, the default brightness levels can be adjusted for conserving battery usage.


3. Disabling Your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi When Not in Use

A good amount of battery life is consumed when your Wi-Fi is connection is on regardless of whether you are using it or not. Moreover, the transmission of data using Bluetooth takes away every inch of the battery. You can save on batteries by turning them off when not using them frequently.


4. Stop the Push!

When you have activated push notifications and mail accounts, your iPhone 4S is flooded with incoming messages because it connects with your network from time to time.  Although it is convenient and keeps you updated, it consumes battery life which can be saved by shutting off the push data. You will then have to check your email and other data manually.


5. Switch off the Equalizer

The Equalizer feature of your iPhone 4S’s music application can be used for adjusting the bass and treble for improving sound output. The EQ feature takes a toll on your battery life and should be switched off by those who prefer hoarding battery power over an enhanced music experience.


6. Adjust the Auto-Lock to a Minute 

Setting the auto-lock feature to a minute or less would result in saving battery as your phone would ‘sleep’ early. The earlier it sleeps, the better power is saved.


7. Any Background Applications? Kill Them 

Too many applications running in the background can actually cause your iPhone to lose battery fast. Sometimes, you might not even be aware of any applications running behind the scenes. When that happens, it is better to close all those applications and save your battery.


8. Halt the Time Zone Feature 

The time zone feature of the iPhone has a habit of checking which time zone you are in and updating the time, causing a reduction in battery life. This can be avoided by unchecking “Setting Time Zone” in “System Services.”


9. Switch From Vibration Setting

Keeping your iPhone on ‘vibrate’ while using other features can affect the phone’s battery life and you would soon end up with less power. Turn off the vibration setting and use the ringer instead!


10. Stop Sending Your Usage Reports to Apple

When you have enabled the Diagnostics, you are sending information to Apple at the expense of your battery life. Disable the Diagnostics feature and enjoy a longer battery life.


11. Use ‘Restore’ As a Last Resort

When you are still facing battery issues after attempting all the above tips, save all your essential information and hit restore to factory settings. With a fresh, clean slate to start with, you might not experience battery issues.

To conserve battery further, you can stop turning off your phone and switching it on frequently as it drains battery life. You can save battery life by doing less battery-intensive work such as watching movies, playing games, and browsing the web. In this way, you can extend your battery life for longer!

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