Google Translate is Now Used by 200 Million People Monthly

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 6th, 2019

Google Translate is Now Used by 200 Million People Monthly

According to Google, its translator draws around 200 million users monthly. Surely, it’s not a surprise to the fans of the billion-dollar company. This big news was announced just two days before the service’s sixth anniversary and why wouldn’t it be as the translator’s immense usage is not only limited to the United States of America but is used outside the country as well.

Google Translate allows users to access and interpret web-pages on servers thousands of miles away. The Company started to aim at the project many years ago. It was back in 2001, when Google offered its language translating services for the first time, however, it was limited to eight languages initially. Two years later, more languages were offered. Google’s principal scientist Franz Och once stated that:

“But at that time our system was too slow to run as a practical service – it took us 40 hours and 1000 machines to translate 1000 sentences. So we focused on speed, and a year later our system could translate a sentence in under a second, and with better quality. In early 2006, we rolled out our first languages: Chinese, then Arabic.”

Technology has certainly progressed quite a lot over the years and Google has definitely taken advantage of it and apparently, so do have the fans around the globe. The translating service and its usage have expanded over the years and now the service offers surprisingly 64 languages including Esperanto, Yiddish, Bengali and many other uncommon and foreign languages as well.

Due to such a vast option of languages, it is certainly not a surprise for the company that the translating service has a following of more than 200 million active users monthly. Other than being used as a mobile application in traveling, teaching and business affairs, the satisfied people are also using it while surfing the web from non-mobile sources as well. It should be kept in mind that more than 92% of traffic from Google Translate comes from international users outside the U.S.

By an appropriate approximation, due to the worldwide usage, the high-class application translates nearly 1 million books daily. Och has stated that,

“We imagine a future in the world can consume and share any information, no matter what language it’s in, and no matter where it pops up.”

He further expressed that the company’s interest is to further expand the options of the helpful service. Only time can tell what else the company holds for the world’s languages.

via Mashable