Google Plus Is Approaching 100 Million Users And Rapidly Growing

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON February 14th, 2022

Google Plus is Approaching 100 Million Users

Google’s introduction into the world of social networking has obviously been a success as it currently has over 90 million individual users, reports CEO Larry Page as of January, 2012. In a press release, which was issued by Google in the 4th quarter, Page stated that he is enthusiastic about the growth of Gmail, Android and Google Plus, which has reached over 90 million users worldwide. This is a phenomenal growth in such a short time period for any website, even for Google. It is now evident that Google Plus is approaching 100 million users and rapidly growing!


The Beginning

The first official estimate, which was published in October 2011, was less than half of its current user count at a mere 40 million. Paul Allen, a noted Google+ watcher, reported that in December he estimated Google+ had a user base of 62 million individuals.

Another estimate about the number of Google Plus users in the future is going much further and estimates that in less than 12 months, by the end of 2012, over 400 million people will be using the service actively. Larry Page has yet to come out with his own estimate of how many people will be using the service at the end of 2012.


Activity Level of Users

Page, who is also a co-founder of Google, also was quick to report that the individuals that do use the service are very engaged with the service and over half, 60% actually, use it on a daily basis. Over 75% use Google+ on a weekly basis.

The extent of how involved each user is with the service varies and was not specified in-depth by Page, but could be as simple as someone checking their Gmail account every day or looking up directions on Google Maps. An active user doesn’t need to be on the site for hours every day to count as being active.


Future Growth

Google+ is not even a year old since it was first introduced in June of 2011. The level of growth it has seen since it first surfaced on the Internet is extraordinary and it appears that the level of interaction and involvement is only going to increase through the year as it grows in popularity and more people become aware of its usefulness and purpose along with the ability to compete with other networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

The growth does still need some time though, especially since estimates from professional analysts think that Facebook may have 1 billion users by the time August rolls around.

There is some controversy over the numbers from the Federal Trade Commission after Google introduced an initiative that combined its Google+ data with the regular searches made on the Google search engine in the form of “Search Plus Your World.”

Google itself doesn’t need to focus strictly on Google+ though. They also had reports of some other large numbers on Thursday that are nothing to roll heads about. Over 250 million Android devices are currently on the market, up from 50 million in the previous quarter, which shows how many tablets and cell phones utilize the open-source operating system.

This previous quarter was Google’s first where it reported a $10 billion profit or more, with a total of $10.58 billion in revenues during the 4th quarter of 2011.

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