Google Nexus 4 vs Apple iPhone 5

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON February 14th, 2022

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Google Nexus is often regarded as one of the best when it comes to smartphones. This is especially true when it is running the impressive vanilla Android platform but the competition nowadays is fierce in the smartphone market. The iPhone 5 is always on the lips of anyone looking for a high end phone. The iPhone series has an incredible following. Apple iPhone fans will take a lot to draw them away. So has Google, with the Nexus 4, done enough to prise the grips of Apple from a significant portion of the smartphone market. Let’s take a look at the Google Nexus 4 vs Apple iPhone 5 comparison: 





The iPhone has an iconic design. It is immediately recognizable and is a status symbol for many. It has high quality construction and, as always, Apple has done a lot right. iPhone 5 is lighter and skinnier than the Google Nexus 4, and has great ergonomic qualities through a comfortable and pleasing feel. It seems sturdy and durable and ticks many of the boxes.



The Nexus is nice, but somewhat conventional. It has a neat effect on the back and is solid looking. Unfortunately, it is prone to smudging and marks due to the slippery exterior.



Both phones have springy and responsive buttons. The iPhone’s are more pronounced though which makes them easier to use. They both, of course, have a head set jack, mic and feature noise-cancellation.

The Nexus 4 uses the microUSB, which is great. You never get stuck without a charger as there is always one nearby wherever you are. The video-out function of Nexus 4 requires an optional adapter, which is a shame, but is still better than Apple’s solution.



The Nexus 4 front camera, for self-snapping, is superior to the iPhone camera, at 1.3 rather than 1.2 mega pixels. This is certainly not a game changer, though.

The rear camera on both phones is 8 megapixels, shoots 1080px video and is impressive. The Apple iPhone 5 gets an additional tick for the backside illuminated sensor and f2.4 lens.



These are both high end phones, so as you would expect they both have pretty incredible screen displays. The Nexus 4 has a whopping 4.7 inch True HD IPS Plus Display, with WXGA 768 X 1280 res. This creates a 318 ppi density. This compares with the smaller 4 inch screen of the iPhone 5 (still a step up from the tradional 3.5 inch iPhone sceen), offering 640 X 1136 resolution and a 326 ppi density. The iPhone perhaps posts better specs, if slightly, but the difference is barely tangible.



Some positives for the iPhone 5 over the Nexus 4 are that there is better sensitivity of the screen layer resulting in more subtle operation, and there is better image quality at extreme viewing angles.



Both are good phones and it is hard to choose between them. In fact we would give them both a 9/10 rating. Choosing between both of them would be totally down to personal preference.

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