Google is Building an Android Game Console and Smartwatch

POSTED BY Rafay Farooq, UPDATED ON November 1st, 2019

Google is building Android Game Console and Smartwatch

After making an unprecedented mark in online search with and online mail with, Google has seemingly turned its attention towards web-centric hardware. Android-powered Nexus smartphones and Galaxy tablets have already met success in the market but now according to a recent report from the Wall Street Journal, Google has decided to enter the gaming consoles market. The multi-billion-dollar tech giant is planning to launch its own Android game console and smartwatch in the near future to further strengthen the adaptability of the Android OS. These two new Google products will bring fierce competition in the market of both smartwatches and gaming consoles.



For the last two years, Google has been investing a lot in the gaming industry. It launched a section for games in Google+ in 2011 with a number of famous developers working side by side with it but later announced its discontinuation in the favor of Google Play game services (Google+ Games will be permanently shut down tomorrow). It is speculated that the main reason behind the closure of Google+ Games was to concentrate on Google’s game console project.

Game development is not new to Google and it has made its own games in the past as well as Ingress and Cube Slam. However, Google game console is not likely to challenge the mainstream next-gen gaming consoles like Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or Wii-U. This is because the company is not targeting the hardcore gamer for now. It is just trying to have its flags raised in the hardware fortress which it started to conquer through Google Glass. These new lines of products are in line with Google’s effort to spread Android OS beyond tablets and smartphones.



The Android game console and Android smartwatch are a part of the ongoing battle between Android and iOS. Google, seemingly, is preparing to match the future products of Apple. It has been observed from quite some time that Google and Samsung are working together to stop Apple from establishing a monopoly in the future in any market as it did in the past when it conquered the smartphone market with iPhone and tablet market with an iPad.



Whether Google will be able to prove its mettle in the gaming industry with Android game console and smartwatch or not, the battle between tech giants is surely becoming interesting day by day.

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