Google Gets United States First Self Driven Car Licence

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 4th, 2019


Google yesterday got America’s very first driverless car license from The State of Nevada. Some months back, Lawmakers of Nevada passed a legislature aka Assembly Bill No 511, which authorized the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to formulate some rules of the road for self-driven cars.

Nevada DMV officials took several test drives in Google’s autonomous vehicle, traveling on highways, city streets and even the famous Las Vegas strip. After having successful test drives, they now have given permission to Google to drive their self-driven car on the roads of Nevada (provided 2 people always remain in the car to take over control in case of any trouble).

The very first driverless car to be driven in the street of Nevada is “Toyota Pirus” which is fully upgraded and automated by the search giant (Google currently posses the leading driverless car technology in the world). This technology has been developed by a Stanford professor along with Google vice president Sebastian Thrun.

According to the involved software developers, this car has covered about 140,000 miles without having any mishap or accident (one accident did occur but at that time the driverless car was being driven manually). The developers of the technology claim that this car would be safer than that of with human drivers because of the reliable video cameras, radar system and a laser range finder fitted on the roof which give a high degree of situational awareness which in turn helps in error-free safe driving.

The car will be in need of a human to be seated on the driver seat, but it will navigate and steer itself without any need of intervention from the person. The car has been issued with a red license plate to make it recognizable. The plate features an infinity sign next to the number 001. Other states, including California, are planning similar changes and many of other companies are also trying to get the license for their driverless cars. Google will surely soon get a tough competition in this driverless car technology.

A California state senator, Alex Padilla said in a statement:

“The vast majority of vehicle accidents are due to human error. Through the use of computers, sensors and other systems, an autonomous vehicle is capable of analyzing the driving environment more quickly and operating the vehicle more safely,” 

Autonomous vehicles are the “Car of the future” said Bruce Breslow, the director of Nevada’s (DMV). The state also plans to eventually license autonomous vehicles owned by members of the public, the DMV said.

Here is a video of a recent encounter with Google’s self-driving car, enjoy!