Google Chrome OS To Be Released Soon

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 10th, 2019

Google Chrome OS To Be Released Soon

Google might introduce his operating system Chrome OS before 2010 finishes. The company planned December as its date to throw the Tablet, although much is speculated about if this version will be a beta and not a definitive edition.

It appears that Google in the coming weeks will be releasing its Google-branded (not manufactured) Netbooks. The first Notebooks will be built by someone else however you can bet your bottom dollar that they will be trying to find a way to cut the cost and do this internally.

At present, the company of the big one G is doing numerous tests with Chrome with two teams with name in key “Mario” and ” Andretti ” that would be the base of new mini portable this one, who would stand out for speeds of the load.

These denominations related to the driver of software were started allowing to see in the records of Google in the middle of October and since then its use has been increasing in the testing of bugs.

For the users who before this information ask themselves how Android and Chrome will coexist OS, Eric Schmidt – CEO of Google – has a re-watching response:

“We do not want to say that it does one a thing and the other one. But yes it is true that till now Android has turned out to be ideal for tactile interaction and Chrome OS suitably to give solutions based on the keyboard”.

The analysts, for his part, believe that the fall of selling and penetration of the netbooks will do that the operating system of Google fails noisy.