Good Website Content And Google Are Like A Married Couple

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON April 18th, 2023
Good Website Content and Google Are Like a Married Couple

One of the key elements in the creation of a new website is the content that you put on each page. As useful, original, and unique copy is added to your website, you should start to see an improvement in the search engine ranking of your content automatically without doing any off-page SEO at all. However, you do need to have good on-page SEO so that search bots face no problem in discovering your good website content. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of help. Remember, good website content and Google is like a married couple:


The Honeymoon

In fact, many new sites will find that they go through a ‘honeymoon’ phase with the likes of Google and Bing, appearing on the first page of search engine results within the first few weeks of being indexed, purely because they are new.


The First Few Months

However, even if your content is reaching number one in search engine results, this is by no means a time to rest on your laurels and think you have achieved top billing as things have just started!


Good Website Content and On-Page SEO

Search engine algorithms are constantly assessing and reassessing all websites across the world and the new and fresh content that is added when a site is first commissioned can soon lose appeal in search engine terms. Good website content and proper on-page SEO is extremely important now to rank in SERPs. Not everyone may understand this as fast as they had hoped, but there’s nothing wrong with that.

Once you get ranked for some keywords, you can then do some “intelligent” off-page SEO (link building) to further improve the position of your ranking keywords.


Keeping The Relationship Alive

To maintain a constant lead in terms of search results, it is essential that you add fresh and good website content on a regular basis. Though many use article writing services to commission a number of pages initially which are then placed on the site all at once, the true value of outsourcing your content comes from developing a relationship with your writers who are then able to provide a steady and constant flow of new material on a regular basis adding continuous value to your site without you have to take the time or effort yourself.

The algorithms used to assess the rating of your contribution in terms of search engine success are very complex and can easily identify when activities are undertaken purely to improve ranking. Adding a large amount of text all in one go and then leaving your site with no further additions for months can be a key indicator to search engine analysis that the content was added purely for ranking approval.


The Relationship is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

However, by adding new information on a regular and consistent basis, you will find that search engines are more likely to regard such additions as natural improvement and regard your entire offering more favorably. After all, a site that is being updated on a regular basis is more likely to offer the value that the end customer is looking for and hence is a site that the search engines are desperate to find.

And a constant supply of fresh material is not just an advantage for search engine rankings success. It also offers your customers something new and interesting to review which is going to make them more likely to return to your site. Furthermore, fresh original content enables potential new customers to see that your site is valid and current which could provide the confidence required for them to engage even further.

So if you are looking to improve things by adding good website content, make sure you take a continuous and steady approach to this solution rather than the fast and furious and you could see the investment you make reap massive rewards.


  1. Robert Jones says:

    Fundamentally Google is a content search engine I’m not a SEO search engine. So basically Google will always lean more towards the content than good SEO. In my opinion

    • Nadeem Khan says:

      Good content has no value if it remains undiscovered/poorly crawled therefore in my opinion, you should at least have good on-page SEO along with good content to have a fair chance in search results!

  2. Andrew Marshall says:

    I work in SEO and I wish this statement was true, but unfortunately it ins’t a lot of the time.
    “Don’t believe me? Fair enough, but how about the head of Google’s webspam team?”.
    Matt Cutts says this because he works for Google and he wants this to be the case and what they are trying to achieve. The reality is that I (and probably everyone else) always come across a lot of badly written, often spun, content that makes little sense appearing in Google above better quality stuff. Hopefully this will improve over time, but at the moment this statement from Matt Cutts is a half truth at best.

  3. TruXter says:

    SEO is about working with the flaws in Google’s system and Google tries to make sites not need SEO by improving their algorithms. In an ideal world SEO wouldn’t affect your site rankings at all but, the truth is that right now SEO does work, and you’d be foolish not to implement it. I’m not downplaying the importance of good content, but it’s too early to forget about SEO.

    • Nadeem Khan says:

      You are right. I too believe one simply cannot live without on-page SEO. However, Off-Page SEO should be done slowly and could also be ignored in the start!

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