Gigabyte Unveils Factory Overclocked and Cooled: Radeon HD 6970

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON May 2nd, 2011

Gigabyte is readying its second custom factory overclocked variant of the Radeon HD 6970 Graphics card. The card GV-R697OC-2GD would be equipped with the company’s latest innovative cooling design “WindForce 3X” which includes an aluminium heatsink covering the VRM and GPU Core and cooled by 3 WindForce Fans.

The card being Factory Overlclocked comes with some amazing clock speeds of 920 MHz 5500 MHz, respectively (880/5500 MHz stock, 900/5500 MHz).

After a little more work in its labs, Gigabyte has managed to build a new non-stock Radeon HD 6970, one that makes use of the WindForce 3X (tri-fan) cooler, like the GV-R697OC-2GD, and has its GPU and memory clocked at 920 MHz 5500 MHz, respectively (880/5500 MHz stock, 900/5500 MHz for the R697OC).

Gigabyte’s Radeon HD 6970 WindForce 3X comes with the company’s exclusive features such as Ultra Durable VGA+ design (2oz copper PCB, a Proadlizer capacitor, Ferrite Core and Metal Chokes, Low RDS MOSFET). It includes a total of 1536 Stream Processors, a 256-bit memory interface, 2GB of GDDR5 VRAM and the usual crossfirex support. The display outputs include 2 DVI, One Mini HDMI and One display port.

The company has not yet given details  of the pricing or release date of the card.