Getting the Most Out of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON February 14th, 2022

Getting the Most Out of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean image

People generally agree that Android has improved the overall performance of smartphones. Various Android flavors have been introduced in the market by Google overtime with each offering several better features and options that cover user needs. Now the latest Android 4.2 Jelly Bean competes with the previous versions in the market. People are asking what makes this version better than the previous one. Here our brief guide on getting the most out of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean:




Widgets on Lock Screen

Now you can add and move widgets from one side to another on lock screen of Android 4.2. You can add many widgets as you like such as clock, calendar, and camera. You can swipe your lock screen to the right or left and open any app.



If you have security on home screen, you will need to unlock your phone before taking any actions like creating new email.


Multiple User Access

If there are more than one users per device, as your screen will be visible to anyone who will able to read your personal information such as messages, a new cool feature called multiple user access comes to your rescue.

You can add more than seven users to the tablet, and they can modify their profiles according to their preferences.


Gesture Typing

Gesture typing on the new keyboard is literally magic and fast. Typing words and phrases is easier than before. You can move your finger over the letters, and words and spaces will be added automatically for you.

The smart keyboard can predict and suggest the next words, so it saves time while completing sentences.


Quick Settings

Quick settings are accessible in more than one way. You can use single finger or two fingers to pull down the notification bar and quick setting from the menu. In the Quick setting, the owners of the gadget will see the color and the name of the user who logged in.

The settings allow you to access and add changes to more than 15 features like Wi-Fi, sound, and Auto-Time etc. You can also modify the brightness level of the display or set it automatically from the quick settings menu.


Google Search

Google search is easier and more flexible with Android Jelly Bean as Jelly Bean allows you to search and get quick answers using your voice. Google cloud messages manage all details of delivering messages, and it can reach more than 1000 connected devices with a single request.

Google integrates with your Gmail account which helps you to find today’s weather for your travelling destinations, hotel reservation or a package you might be tracking. Google also helps you to encrypt all paid apps before they are installed and stored on the gadget.


The Camera App

The incredible camera with Android 4.2 has a new focus ring in which you can tap your focus as usual. The camera can adjust your flash, exposure and location settings automatically for your photos. You can also change your storage location, image size and video mode.

There is also a panorama photo feature in which you can take photos in 300 degrees panorama and create wide images for the surrounding area. It is also possible to share these photos on Google Plus.





Android fans will surely enjoy the new features of Android 4.2 no matter which Android smartphone (Nexus 4 is the first available smartphone with Jelly Bean) or tablet (Nexus 10 is the first available tablet with Jelly Bean) they own.

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