How to Download Battlefield 3 Beta For PS3, Xbox 360 & PC


battlefield 3 beta

DICE has finally released the Battlefield 3 open beta to the general public worldwide for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. If you are still one of the unlucky confused BF3 die hard fans out there waiting to get their hands on the beta then here is the much needed help.


Download Battlefield 3 Beta For PS3, Xbox 360 & PC

The Battlefield 3 open beta is now live and free to download. Follow the instructions given below:


For Xbox 360 or PS3 Users

Follow these simple steps:

  • Visit your respective online store
  • Search with words ‘Battlefield 3 Beta’
  • Start the free 4 GB download
  • Enjoy!


For PC Users

Follow these easy to follow steps:

  • First download EA’s Origin service (remember an EA account is required)
  • Download the 4 GB game via Origin (look under the free tab)
  • Launch the Battlelog and select a server to start
  • Enjoy!



The Battlefield 3 beta features Operation Métro map and here are some official survival tips from DICE:

  • Stick to your team mates, and remember to spawn on them to stay close to the fight.
  • Use your kit specific abilities to help your team mates. Assault can hand out med kits, Engineers can repair vehicles, and Support can hand out ammo.
  • Make sure when you have armed an M-COM station, that you defend it to make sure it is destroyed.
  • The bombed-out tunnel section in Operation Métro is an excellent place to use a flashlight as one of your weapon attachments. Use it to light the tunnels up – and to blind your enemies.
  • Attach bipods to your weapon and deploy it automatically by pushing up against cover or going prone and zooming in – this gives you a huge increase in accuracy and stability.
  • Use suppressive shooting (fire close to enemies behind cover) to negatively effect the enemy’s fighting capabilities.
  • Watch out for falling debris as this can hurt you. But you can also hurt your enemies by taking out buildings with the Engineer’s RPG.
  • Shotguns are excellent for CQC (Close Quarters Combat) in the tighter tunnels sections.
  • Fire automatic weapons in short bursts for accuracy, or switch to single fire mode if applicable.
  • To grab your enemy’s dog tag as a souvenir, do a stealth knife kill from behind.



Here’s the official gameplay footage: