5 Most Effective Blog Management Tips


Most Effective Blog Management Tips image

If you have a business online, a blog is the most essential prop that you will need for it. Blogging however is a demanding job as you need to have lots and lots of time for managing a blog once you float it in the cyber space. And more blogs mean more time from your side, which admittedly can be difficult to provide if you want to seriously concentrate on your business. Then who manages your blog? Well, there are service providers in the industry who can manage your blog(s) for you but still if you want to do a D-I-Y job, here some most effective blog management tips that you must always consider:


1. Timing

The first important criterion for blog management is of course timing. Remember that you should have a regular timing to update your blog, to be maintained without fail.

Your readers might want to read new posts on a regular basis if your content quality is good and they will get disappointed if they don’t find updated, fresh content in store when they come to hunt for it.


2. The Calendar Count

Blog management can be further simplified by maintaining a calendar for it. Why? Because it will assist you in keeping a tab on your content requirements and also on the theme that you are concentrating upon, in your blog. But no ordinary calendar this is – this is an editorial calendar which allows you to keep a track of the topics in your blogs.

If you have blogs belonging to different niches, your calendar must be divided into categories and if not, then at least into columns which give you a fair idea of what is due next in your blog.


3. Encouraging Comments From Visitors

One of the best ways of honing up the SEO skills of your blog is to make people from your reader base comment on it. This is an essential part of blog management and you can do this in several ways, like ending your blog with a query, penning down thought provoking ideas, writing on controversial topics or tapping social media networks for feedback and comments.

Social bookmarking also needs to be included into a blog as a standard feature to help your visitors share your content in different social sites. Remember, social signals are now an important factor when it comes to SERPs.


4. Marketing Your Blog

One of the most important aspects of managing your blog is marketing it. There are various ploys for it, an important one being writing pillar articles and inviting guest authors to write for your blog.

It is equally important to write guest posts on other related blogs both to get referral traffic and do-follow backlinks.


5. Monitoring

No blog management endeavor can be complete without monitoring on a regular basis. So last, but not the least you must ensure that your blog posts are checked on a regular basis and queries/comments responded to.

It is also important to regularly monitor your traffic analytics to analyze the interest of your visitors and to plan the future content accordingly.


Although these blog management tips can help you get your job done, but taking professional help when you don’t have time to manage your blog yourself is highly recommended for best results!