Galaxy Note 2 vs DROID DNA

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON February 19th, 2014

Galaxy Note 2 vs DROID DNA

Smartphones these days are more than just phones. They are mini tablets, sat navs, cameras, organizers and so much more. We are spoilt by the features and the competition in the smartphone market is making things better and better.



These two phones provide us with an interesting look at high-end phones with big screens. The Galaxy Note II has a whopping 5.5 inch screen. The DROID DNA is almost as big at 5 inches and is going after the same gaming, video streaming, and photography hungry section of the public.

Samsung are probably buoyed up by their tablet success and are therefore trying to carve out a phone niche. With even the iPhone breaking their traditional position of using a 3.5 inch screen in favor of a 4 inch, there certainly is an increasing trend for bigger screens. If you are looking for a phablet then the DNA and Note II are in competition for your hard-earned cash.



HTC has a soft matte finish where as Samsung Note II looks clumsy. It is actually thinner than the DROID DNA but for some reason just seems bulkier. It has that tablet rather than phone feel, which some users might not like; a phone should be a phone and a tablet should be a tablet as they both have different functionalities to fulfill (imagine a bus trying to be a car).

It is more of a matter of personal opinion though as there are many who love the tabphone feel.



The Note 2 has a Pen for operation. It has a ‘pen’ we repeat… It is not a phone (in our books at least)! You can write notes and browse with the pen like you have a mouse. But we have fingers for that, right? Sure in the cold weather it can be good to not have to take our gloves off but for most of the users its a big NO (again a matter of personal opinion)!

The size of the Note II will no doubt attract many (who should just buy a 7 inch tablet) which also offers execellent display. The screen quality is better on the DROID DNA though. It has much better pixel density at an impressive 441 ppi vs 265 ppi and this is noticed easily when looking at pictures or viewing video streams.



If you don’t have a tablet, and couldn’t afford both a phone and a tablet, then you should probably consider Samsung Galaxy Note 2. But these are high end products. The HTC DROID DNA is better and is a phone to rival anything out there at the moment. For you the Samsung might just fall short.