Future of PSP Smart Phones: Sony Unveils NGP

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 12th, 2019

Future of PSP Smart Phones: Sony Unveils NGP

Sony has announced the successor to the PlayStation Portable. It has been codenamed the NGP, short for Next Generation Portable and has probably been one of the worst kept secrets – alongside the PlayStation Phone – of recent months.

More importantly, it appears to have lived up to most of the many rumors that set the internet forest on fire.

Sony Computer Entertainment chairman Kaz Hirai says the company won’t “go off the deep end” when it comes to the price. Sony will start selling a new hand-held game device by the end of the year and will offer its PlayStation games on a range of portable devices, including smartphones, the company said.

With their Next Generation Portable (NGP) and PlayStation Suite – an initiative that supplies PlayStation branded games to certified Android devices – Sony has made a sweeping broadside to turn the tussle into an all-out war. The NGP will be going head-to-head with Nintendo’s 3DS, while PlayStation Suite will be looking to eat into Apple’s dominance in the smartphone gaming market.

Sony’s new device comes packed with new-generation technology: with a touchpad on the front and rear — a first for a game device — a 5-inch LED screen, two sets of button controls, motion sensors, cameras on the front and back and 3G network access. The console will also use a new proprietary memory card designed to thwart piracy.

With the NGP, it does appear that Sony is trying to expand its audience from the core gamers to the more casual mobile market. Nevertheless, core gamers are definitely not forgotten. Without a doubt, Sony’s definitely ready to take on Nintendo in the handheld market. The only real issue right now is the price of the little bugger. While it won’t be retailing at a crazy price as the PS3 did, you can’t help but wonder what Sony will set the cost at considering all of the device’s fancy options.