Future of Google Fiber: Is It Really the Next Big Thing?

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON February 14th, 2022

Google Fiber future

It’s impossible to ignore, by now, the level of hype Google Fiber has generated, since it was presented as the faster fiber broadband connection service in Kansas, USA. With speeds up to 1 gigabyte at affordable prices, Google is killing the competition in the areas where the service is already active which is exciting users about the future of Google Fiber. Maybe some of the hype is not justifiable, but most of it has a reason: Google Fiber is a true phenomenon that promises to spread really fast across the United States and, later, the rest of the world. According to our featured infographic, this broadband connection is going to hop – like its mascot, the colorful bunny – next to the rest of the Kansas state. The following areas are Provo, at Utah, and Austin, at Texas.



Based on what happened until now, if Google were going to spread its services through the entire planet at a similar rate that would take a lot of years. Can we wait that long? So, with this in mind, we must ask: how much time will take for Google Fiber to really rake over the world? What is the future of Google Fiber?



For the company followers and admirers, who must have the service now, the numbers can be disappointing. But, you must have in mind that this is a very complex and expensive process. For now, all you need to know is that Google Fiber blew the rest of the north-American competition out of the water with great speed at a great price. The service is 20 times faster than the current fastest alternative in the USA and it’s also 8.3 times faster than the UK mass-market download speed.

Besides, the prices are really good, as you said already. Google has three packages available to the first clients: the Gigabit + TV service, for $120 per month with storage and a lot of hardware included; the Gigabit service, for $70 per month and other benefits as well; and, for last, the Free Internet package, without monthly fee, but with an initial fee of $300. The two first packages also charge an initial fee, but they provide a 1-gigabyte connection speed, while the last one can only provide 5 megabytes.

However, Google Fiber stays on the top of the charts, when we compare it to other North-American and British service providers like Optimum, Charter, Virgin or KCom. But, although the prices are affordable, that doesn’t mean Google is making a low investment in this project.

To reach the entire USA territory, the technology giant would have to spend 140 billion dollars. We’re not talking about the small bucks here. Now imagine how much it would cost to provide Google Fiber to the whole planet. Don’t need to, because you can check all these numbers in our infographic.

While other companies keep saying customers are not looking for this kind of speed, Google doesn’t care. One thing is for sure: the world is going to change. Check out our featured infographic embedded below that focuses on the future of Google Fiber in great detail:



Google Fiber future

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