FamilyTime App – The Best Way To Monitor Children in the Digital World

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Every day it becomes more difficult to be disconnected from the Internet. Connection points between free Wi-Fi, affordable family data plans and fast connections in homes; it seems that to be disconnected we must make a well calculated effort. This is a real challenge for parents because each day it becomes more difficult to control and monitor what our children are doing on the Internet and social networks. But there are too many points to be blocked. Let me explain you.

The advice was not so old, become friends with their children on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and know walking in Instagram. This can still work in some cases, but the reality is that we need a paradigm shift. We must admit that we have no idea what they are doing or where they are doing. The recent wave of suicides in Facebook shows that monitoring the activity of our children in one or two social networks is not enough. We need to travel an extra mile now and should know what applications do they install and how do they use their device. To really know what’s going on in their digital world, you need to be able to monitor:

  • Visiting sites
  • Applications that they are using
  • How are using these applications
  • Who are their contacts
  • How frequently do they connect with them
  • What do they talk over messages
  • Which places do they visit physically

To monitor this and much more, you need an advanced tool in hand such as FamilyTime app. As mentioned earlier, FamilyTime app is the best tools to monitor kids’ digital lifestyle as it offers a range of features that help parents carry out monitoring chores.


Overview of FamilyTime App

FamilyTime is one of the best parental control applications available in the market. By having this app, a parent can manage screen time of their kids along with other activities. This app is extremely easy and fun to use. It has a lot of features which makes it interesting for both parents and kids.


Features of FamilyTime Parental Control App:

FamilyTime App offers a list of valuable features that include:

  • Contacts Monitoring
  • Call logs Monitoring
  • SMS History Monitoring
  • Contact Watchlisting
  • Real-Time Location Tracking on the virtual map
  • Location History Monitoring
  • Geo-fencing Locations
  • Receiving PickMeUp alerts with kids location details
  • Getting SOS alerts from kids in case of emergency
  • Web History Monitoring
  • Bookmarks and Favourites Monitoring
  • Installed Apps Monitoring
  • App Usage Analysis
  • App Blocking
  • Scheduling Screen Locks
  • Remotely Locking the Device
  • Setting Speed limits for kids’ safe driving
  • Receiving Alerts on Speed rule violation

And the list of features does not end here. There are many more that you can explore yourself by giving this app a free try. To download the app, go now to the app store on your phone.

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One Last Thought!

Altogether, FamilyTime is one of the best parental apps and every parent should use it. The app help parents keep a watchful eye on their kid’s activities and make them act responsibly.