Facebook Surpasses 1 Trillion Pageviews Per Month

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 14th, 2019

Facebook Surpasses 1 Trillion Pageviews Per Month

According to data from Double-Click, the top social network Facebook reaped more than 1 trillion page-views per month in June and July this year. As per the detailed report from Yahoo!, it has been corralled by the Google-owned ad network that Facebook apprehended approximately 870 million and 860 million unique visitors in June and July, surpassing the known number of users by a margin of more than 100 million.

Each respective visitor on average garnered 1,160 pageviews and 40 per visit in the month of July, which is extreme by any standard. Further, each user spent around 25 minutes on the site.

Just recently another 3rd party abstraction of Facebook claimed that the site’s activity is backsliding, although the commendation was dismissed by the social network immediately.

The numbers are yet to be officially confirmed by Facebook as the report is an independent effort by Double Click.