Facebook Pushes Updated Profile To All Users

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 12th, 2019


Back in December, Facebook introduced its new profiles to the world. For the first month, users could choose between the new profile and the old profile. Starting today, all accounts will be upgraded to the new profile.

On its site, Facebook said it will begin moving its 500 million-plus users to the new profile, which focuses more heavily on photographs than its predecessor. The top of the profile includes a quick summary of the account holder, as well as a row of recently tagged photographs. There also is room to highlight meaningful friendships such as teammates and co-workers.

Rolling out new features in stages can be a great strategy, but that works best when well communicated.

A great number of users requested a “Dislike” button, and some were concerned that other people could fill their profiles with unwanted photographs due to the site’s new use of the photo tagging mechanism to place pictures at the top of a user’s site.

An early commenter aptly responded:

“Get a dislike button. NOT a new profile” and received 738 likes as of this writing, although they’re listed as “votes” instead of “likes.”

However, if people do not want a particular picture to appear on their page they can click the “X” that appears in the corner of each photo, Facebook said last month. The picture still will show up on the photos page.

“Please bring back the old profile as an option. The New Profile is not ‘better’ like you think,” wrote Clay Dudash, in a post that received 323 votes.

But other users reminded the social media community of Facebook’s prior changes and its adaptation to those updates and upgrades.