Facebook Looking to Mobile Advertising Partnership With Samsung

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 14th, 2019

Mobile Advertising Partnership

The Facebook-Samsung partnership rumors have got a new direction after some solid recent reports that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg met with the president of Samsung at Seoul head office while being on his official Asian tour. The main agenda behind this meeting has been speculated to be a new mobile advertising partnership between the two tech giants. The two CEOs have also been reported to have discussed various other issues such as the advancement of IT around the globe.

According to experts, the new partnership deal offered by Facebook is the next step of the development of Facebook Home which debuted in April of this year. The new Facebook Home allows instant access to various features of Facebook on a smartphone device right from its home screen. Samsung being the largest smartphone maker and being active in expanding its smartphone lineup these days, seems to be an obvious choice for the social networking giant’s mobile advertisement proposal.

With the rapid growth in cellular technology, Facebook is taking a step ahead to widen its mobile advertisement market to compete with other competitors in the future. According to the statistics published by Net Mobile Internet Ad revenues for the year 2013, Facebook mobile ad revenue boosted up and will likely touch the figure of US2$-billion in the mid of 2013. This amount indicates an astounding increase of more than 300% from the company’s last year earning from mobile ads. With this significant increase, Google and Facebook are the only two organizations who dominate the world of mobile advertisement with a combined market share of more than 70%.

This new possible partnership with Samsung will also reward Facebook investors, who were disappointed by the 37% slump in shares after the initial public offering filed by the California based company in April 2012.

Facebook officially restricted itself from commenting anything about the visit of Mark Zuckerberg at Samsung’s Seoul office, but according to the spokesperson of CNET, the CEO indeed met with the top executives of Samsung.

The Facebook CEO also met the president of South Korea, Park Geun Hye in a short 30 minutes meeting and discussed the promotion and mentoring of technology start-ups in South Korea. In addition, the main discussion of the meeting held on Tuesday was President’s Park’s “creative economy” which is a step to promote the industries and businesses in the country via the use of technology. Zuckerberg also promised to invest in South Korea for it being the region’s fourth-biggest economy.

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