Facebook ‘Video Chat’: Likely to be Announced Today

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 1st, 2019

Several tech gurus  have made the prediction that based on Facebook’s deal with Skype, Facebook is set to launch Video Chat similar to Skype‘s service  later today.Actually,Facebook has scheduled a Wednesday news conference to announce the launch of what it termed “something awesome.” The guess of the tech websites is that the company will introduce a video-chat feature based by Skype to rival Google+.

It’s not difficult to figure out why Zuckerberg is making this announcement almost after the week after launch of Google+.Since it was launched last week, Google has been getting all the online buzz in the social-media world for its new networking platform, Google+.

But Google far from even close to rival the Social Networking Giant we call Facebook. But after Buzz, Wave and other failed efforts, Google+ looks like the search engine’s most serious leap yet into the social-networking world.

A live stream of the one-hour-long launch can be watched here and will begin at 6 pm GMT from Facebook’s HQ.

So far more than 70,000 Facebook users have signed up to view the feed.

However, the other suggestions doing the rounds are that Facebook’s long-awaited app for Apple’s iPad could be finally ready to launch or that the social network will unveil a dedicated photo-sharing app for smartphones.