Facebook Introduces Video Chat Powered by Skype, Group Chats & New Chat Design

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 1st, 2019

facebook video call powered by skype

According to the king of all social networks, it has started rolling out its new video calling feature dubbed “Facebook Calling”, powered by Skype, to its users on Wednesday. The new powerful feature will continue rolling out over the next several weeks. For immediate trial check this out.

The move is being considered by industry pundits to be a direct attempt by Facebook to somehow counter the ever-increasing Google+ hype.

As per Facebook’s official blog:

“A few months ago, we started working with Skype to bring video calling to Facebook. We built it right into chat, so all your conversations start from the same place. To call your friend, just click the video call button at the top of your chat window”.


How Video Calling Works:

Upon trying to video chat someone you are first asked to download a program. The chat window then asks you to select some Flash settings and then the feature starts working like a mini-Skype client.

The video calling service is not available via Facebook mobile and currently only supports computer-to-computer video chat.


That’s not all:

Facebook has also given a fresh look to “Facebook Chat”:

new facebook chat

Further, it has introduced “Group Chat”  which actually allows multi-person text chats without the need of creating a group first:

Have a quick look at the Associated Press video report over the whole subject: