Facebook Has Now Over 800 Million Active Users

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 10th, 2019

facebook 800 million

The king of all social networks Facebook, has achieved yet another big milestone of 800 million active members (these are the users that logged in during the past 30 days). Interestingly the announcement was made not by Mark Zuckerberg himself but by Saturday Night Live’s actor Andy Samberg who while parodying Mark Zuckerberg on the F8 conference stage announced this big news.

Just back in July as we reported, Facebook had only 750 million active users. But now the new figure of 800 million translates into 50 million users being added to Facebook within only 75 days. Remember these 800 million members do not represent sign-ups but actual active users.

Zuckerberg came to the stage later and announced another big milestone that Facebook recently saw for the very first time half a billion people logged into the site.

Zuckerberg, who happens to be richer than even Apple and Google‘s founders, has recently introduced various new features on the site including the all-new mighty Facebook Timeline and he continues to evolve and refine his idea further and further.

All the current new features announced by Facebook look original and innovative and in no way seem to have been inspired by its foes – Twitter and Google+.