Facebook Confirms Hiring the Infamous Hacker ‘GeoHot’

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 4th, 2019

Facebook Confirms Hiring the Infamous Hacker GeoHot

The infamous hacker George Hotz, better known as GeoHot who got international attention for being the first one to unlock the original iPhone and jailbreaking the PlayStation 3, is now working for Facebook. A Facebook representative has confirmed the news but he did not provide any further detail.

GeoHot reportedly started working at Facebook from 9th May but it is still unclear what kinda role he has been assigned by the company. Speculation is that he would lift up the mobile efforts of the company as Facebook has never enjoyed an edge over its competitors in mobile development. Facebook’s Android app still suffers from lag whereas there is no iPad version in existence. Given the fact that George has been a mobile developer throughout his career, it is highly likely that he would be working over mobile apps on Facebook.

George Hotz first came into the global spotlight back in 2007 when he first unlocked the original iPhone. He then became an iPhone developer and an active member of the jailbreak community. Later on, just a few months ago, he jailbreaked the PlayStation 3 giving many sleepless nights to Sony officials who then responded with a lawsuit. The matter was settled later on in April with Hotz agreeing to a permanent injunction against publishing any further code.

Even before the official confirmation of the news from Facebook, Hotz himself was witnessed sharing the news of his Facebook employment on his Facebook profile with his friends just a few days ago:

geohotz facebook

The news of Hotz Facebook employment was also reported by Chronic-Dev Team member Joshua Hill in a video interview which is embedded below: