Facebook Chat Reorganized Yet Again

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 10th, 2019

Facebook Chat Reorganized Yet Again

Recently it has been observed that Facebook chat list has gone through multiple tweaks – a new format might be noticed by users since yesterday. Friends with whom you interact most are listed in one section at the top of your list, followed by a section of “more online friends” below.

A Facebook spokesperson says the change in Facebook chat bar was decided after users’ feedback from a redesign of chat in July. About 28,000 people had “liked” a Facebook Page entitled “I hate the new Facebook sidebar chat.”

The changes were implemented Thursday morning and started appearing until today throughout the globe.

Now, instead of being contained to chat previous pop-up boxes, the redesigned chat bar stretches from the top of the browser to the bottom, and until today it showed only a selection of friends instead of everyone who was online. The notification of all online friends appeared in the same alphabetical order, from January to July. Major criticisms on the recent iteration of the chat bar were that it did not show all online friends.

Today’s Facebook update has corrected this issue by adding the “more online friends” category beneath the friends you interact with the most.

The spokesperson of Facebook said that this recent change in the Facebook chat bar is not a test.

Below is the glimpse of the new Facebook chat bar if have not noticed it yet:


 Image Source: Mashable