Enhance Your Gaming Experience With Custom PS3 Controllers

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON March 3rd, 2023

PS3 controllers are among the best gaming equipment in the market. With their stealthy design and excellent precision, they are coveted by many Play Station lovers. But it does not stop there. What if you customized your controller with a design you always admired? What about changing the color of the buttons? Actually, creating your dream custom PS3 controller is very much possible when you use the services of customization professionals. Here is how you can enhance your gaming experience with custom PS3 controllers:


Visual Effects Upgrade

custom painted ps3 controllers

You can add a powerful display of light from your custom PS3 controller. For instance, you can fit the controller with colored lights that illuminate while playing to give you a sense of excitement. In addition, this helps to easily identify various controllers while offering an extra fan merchandise credit due to artistic relevance.

Sometimes the colored lights also act as a sign of how good you are. These custom-painted PS3 controllers are either designed to match a specific game on the controller or according to your specifications.


Gameplay Enhancing

custom design ps3 controllers

Most controllers have their gaming capabilities enhanced. Many prefer the experience of an out-of-this-world gaming reality laced with an advantageous edge over competitors. In addition, not everyone is satisfied with mere visual benefits; however, these are more expensive to acquire than their default counterparts. The controllers are customized to perform many complex tasks, while others are suited to the generic goals:

For example, your slow pistol can be turned into an automatic rifle. Thus, instead of tapping the button while firing you only need to hold it down. As a result, the capability of the player within the game is improved, the thought process is shortened and time is generally saved. This translates to a fast responsive attack and there are no surprises if a player wins another around.

This is especially useful in the ‘Single Player vs. All’ situation. A customized PS3 controller can help you fight against a team of opposing opponents even if you are alone. In fact, with the rapid-fire function enabled, you can easily overcome the opposition since it does not depend on the speed of your thumb to fire.

Thus, when your friends come over and you have a few controllers: Take one side while they take the other.


Tips for Purchasing Custom Design PS3 Controllers

First, you need to find a manufacturer who specializes in these products. Otherwise, you may end up paying too much for a controller that doesn’t work. In addition, getting a flexible manufacturer who offers quality products will ensure you get an item suited to your liking.

Although custom PS3 controllers are good, it is beneficial to keep in mind that many gaming tournaments don’t allow them. In some cases, using them in multiplayer tournaments can get you banned as they give you an unfair advantage over your competitors.

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  1. Brian Johnson @ something about Bioshock Infinite Songbird says:

    I’m actually interested to do custom controller on my Xbox controller since long time ago. But i think i have to bury that dream because i have damaged my classic Xbox controller when i stressed out playing PES 2012. LOL!! That’s why right now i decide to avoid to play that soccer game anymore, unless when my friend comes around. Anyway, i really like those custom PS3 controllers above. Looks kind of nice. Wondering if i can make custom controller for some specific games like HALO or Prince of Persia on my controller.

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