Email Security Issues And Usage Around The World

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Electronic mails or Emails have become a way of life and the most commonly used medium of transferring information across the world, due to which certain email security issues are common nowadays. Emails have conveniently taken the place of handwritten letters and are undisputed when it comes to the amount of data that can be sent across at one go. The usage of email is done for a number of purposes such as business use, sending invites, sending and answering queries, etc. It is a fact that 25% of the people quizzed in a survey said that they have sent an email late into the night just to show their commitment. What is astonishing is the fact that about 57% of the people spend about half of their working day on electronic mail or email.

Another interesting fact related to email usage is that about 76% of the email users have sent an email which they have later regretted. Another 40% people have by-mistake deleted emails. It is surprising to know that about 39% people regularly read and send emails outside their work frontier whereas 86% people rely on email as a search tool.

A shocking fact about emails is that about 90% of the emails that are sent are spam whereas 21% of the people report their email as spam even when they know it isn’t!

Do you know that about 35% people open their email based on the subject line alone? In fact 60% of the email recipients report their email as spam just by reading the subject line!


Email Security Issues Around the Globe

Email security issues are a growing concern for many email users these days, and maybe because of this about 17% of Americans create a new email address every 6 months whereas 30% of the email subscribers change their email address on an annual basis. In the growing age of mobile technology, about 35% people check their email on their mobile phones whereas 43% of the mobile email users check email four or more times in a single day.

It is a fact that about 69.7% email users delete an email immediately if it does not display correctly. Another shocking fact is that 1 in 5 email accounts get hacked and these include secure and trusted Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail. About 43% of the email recipients click on the spam button just based on the email ‘from’ name or the email address.

When it comes to the biggest email usage by region, APAC leads at a 47% ratio while the second on the list is Europe with 23% usage, followed by North America with 14% usage and 16% usage by rest of the world. As per the year October 2012, the most popular global spam categories were Sex/Dating with a percentage of 62.73, jobs with a percentage of 10.45, Pharma and Watches with respective percentages of 9.79 and 3.74, Software and Casino with percentages of 2.49 and 0.75 and the rest including Degrees, Mobile, Newsletters and weight loss with respective percentages of 0.35, 0.19, 0.04 and 0.1.

Here is an infographic that graphically shows more details about major email security issues and email usage statistics:

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