Dropbox Versus Google Drive: Which Is Better?

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON April 6th, 2023
Dropbox Versus Google Drive: Which is Better?

Do you want greater access to all your files on any device you are on and a safe place to keep them? The new cloud storage solutions have helped make this possible at a more affordable cost. So the question becomes which is better, Dropbox or Google Drive? Both are excellent ways to maintain, and organize your files, and offer a number of different features. Google Drive has a lower price and more storage but both offer a modest amount of free storage space. What it really comes down to between the two is personal preference.


The User Experience

Both Dropbox and Google Drive use a similar desktop client, which allows you to choose whether to sync certain files and download them. Once a file has been downloaded, it appears in the folder for either Google Drive or Dropbox.

One drawback to Google Drive is that your documents are saved as a file that can only be opened with a browser, which can be irritating if you are seeking to use Office, for example. To do that requires converting the documents from the original Google format to .doc or .docx.

If you are satisfied with using Google’s offline browser processor, this may never become an issue, but if you are familiar with and prefer to use a specific processor, you are likely to become frustrated at regularly having to convert your files and you may opt for Dropbox.


Web Apps & Tools

Google Drive stands out from Dropbox with its WebApp. This may look familiar to those who had used Google Docs before the institution of Google Drive, and it allows both a list view and a thumbnail view of your documents, even offering a preview of your documents before opening them. These make for helpful visuals that don’t really have a comparison on Dropbox.

The Google WebApp also has a powerful search tool, which isn’t surprising given that it comes from Google. Dropbox has an advanced search function, but it doesn’t have the level of fine-tuning available on Google Drive. The search function can also tap into images through optical character recognition software.

Dropbox may not have this same level of searchability, but it will still allow you to search and access images as well.


Speed & Performance

In speed, Dropbox at its default is slower in uploading than Google Drive, however, Dropbox gives you control of how fast or how slow your files will upload. If you change the settings to the maximum speed, Dropbox can give you surprisingly speedier results than Google Drive.

The drawback to Dropbox is that it does not give you the notifications that Google Drive offers to keep you aware of how quickly your file is uploading or when it has been completed. Both programs make it easy to share.


The Winner?

Choosing between Google Drive and Dropbox is largely a matter of preference. With the right modifications and knowledge of the program, Dropbox can offer some advantages over Google Drive.

However, in terms of what comes standard, Google Drive offers a number of advantages and an intuitive search feature.

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