Driverless Cars: The Future is Now [Infographic]

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 12th, 2019

Driver-less CArs

In June 2011, Nevada passed legislation that would allow driverless vehicles on state roads. Laws related to driverless cars have also been proposed in Hawaii and Florida. On the surface, this legislation might seem a little advanced, but fleets of driverless cars have already been developed and tested all across the country — and abroad — for some time. As exciting as driverless vehicles sound, it is a long way off and cars are still being driven by people. Which means that the chance of having a car accident unfortunately still exists. Find out more about the need for driverless vehicles below.

Innovators from the Motor City to Silicon Valley and beyond have been pursuing the concept of an autonomous vehicle for years. Several automobile manufacturers, including General Motors, BMW, Volkswagon, Audi and Volvo are currently testing self-driving cars. Even Google has a patent on driverless car technology, and has been testing a self-driving Toyota Pruis.

This infographic breaks down the ongoing progress that may put self-driving cars on our streets and in our garages sooner than you might think.

With distracted driving accounting for hundreds of thousands of car accidents, injuries and traffic fatalities each year, the need for autonomous cars has never been more apparent.

Just how close are we to seeing autonomous vehicles cruising around our neighborhood streets and on our highways? Is the future already now?

Driverless Cars: The future is Now

Infographic produced by Daniel R. Rosen!