Do You Really Need a Website? [Infographic]

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Do You Really Need a Website

The Internet can be an extremely effective way of reaching a large audience to promote yourself or your product, encompassing numerous outlets for advertisement online. There are many options to choose from such as developing your own website, using a website builder or simply utilising a page on a social networking site. Personal circumstances such as knowledge of coding, time commitments and demographic for your product or service should dictate which method is most suitable for you.

Many people have the tendency to create a website as an independent source of advertisement, removed from social networking sites. In such situations, they may not assess whether there is actually a requirement for the website in the first place; perhaps this is seen as the convention for online advertisement.

However, it could be that a social networking site reaches a larger audience, or that they simply do not require a website. The creation of a website requires considerable upkeep and can become costly, especially if you have no knowledge of web development.

To establish whether a website is really the most beneficial solution, please look at the easy to read infographic below which should confirm the best way for you to proceed:

do you really need a website infographic

Infographic produced by Basekit!