Cyber Warfare Continues: CBI Website Hacked By ‘Pak Cyber Army’

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 14th, 2019

Cyber Warfare Continues: CBI Website Hacked By Pak Cyber Army

In a major embarrassment, the website of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) was hacked on Friday night by programmers identifying themselves as “Pakistani Cyber Army”.

The home page of the CBI website had a message from the ‘Pakistani Cyber Army’ warning the Indian Cyber Army not to attack their websites.

The CBI website, supposed to be one of the most secure websites, is connected to the command center of world police organization – Interpol – 24×7.

“CBI is aware that its official website has beden hacked and defaced. An inquiry has been launched and necessary remedial measures are underway to restore it,” CBI PRO RK Gaur said.

Presently the domain of website remains inaccessible as for now, which might be a part of DoS(denial of service) attack or probably the countermeasures being taken to restore the website by Indian Government.

Earlier, according to Pakistani daily Express Tribune, 200 Indian websites were hacked Friday.

This comes as a sharp response to an earlier similar attack by so-called “Indian Cyber Army’.