Could Your Job Kill You [Infographic]

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 16th, 2019

jobs that can kill

Workplace dangers are usually pretty commonplace. With average desk jobs, the most risk involved while on the clock is a misplaced stapler or paper cut. These jobs, however, can be jobs that kill. There were more than 4,500 fatal workplace injuries in the United States in 2010 alone. Most of these unfortunate incidents involved transportation accidents, but many other workers lost their lives on the job to dubiously named hazards such as “contact with objects and equipment” and “exposure to harmful substances or environments”. If you’re a dude working a particularly dangerous job, be warned– 92 percent of workplace fatalities were male.

To make matters worse, plenty of low-paying jobs are life-threatening, and lots of employees lose their lives while on the clock. Crop workers, garbage collectors, and ranchers are all included in the list. In addition to the lowest-paying risky jobs, there are also a number of jobs that pay very well compared to the low number of people who die annually in those occupations. No one likes to think about accidents in the workplace, but disability insurance can protect you financially if injury or illness limits your ability to work. So, what are some of the world’s most dangerous jobs?

could your job kill you infographic