Children, Computers and the Internet: Pros and Cons

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 9th, 2019

Children and the Internet Pros and Cons

When it comes to parenting, clear-cut answers and solutions are exceedingly rare. There are far more gray areas than black or white ones, and parents have to make tough judgment calls all the time. One area that is especially trick for today’s parents is computer use. On the one hand, parents want their kids to have experience with using computers because a huge percentage of today’s jobs require such skills. On the other hand, there are plenty of perils involved in using computers and going online. Striking a balance isn’t always easy, but it is easier to do when you have a clear understanding about the pros and cons of allowing your children to use computers and the Internet. Learn more about this topic below.


The Pros

There’s not a lot of controversy when it comes to allowing kids to use computers in general. If a computer isn’t connected to the Internet, the possibility of getting into trouble is quite slim. It pays to introduce kids to computers at young ages. By giving your children access to computers while they are young, you will increase the odds that they will be comfortable with using them later. The biggest stumbling block to developing proficiency with computers is a fear of using them, so this is a good thing.

While allowing a child to use a computer is an easy decision to make, the same can’t be said about allowing them to go online. When used safely and appropriately, however, the Internet is an invaluable resource for children and parents. There are countless educational websites that your child can use to expand upon the lessons that they are taught in school. With parental supervision, the Internet can broaden a child’s horizons and give them the ability to learn about far-flung places and different cultures with ease.


The Cons

Without a doubt, there are risks and drawbacks to allowing kids to go online. Communicating with strangers is the first and most obvious issue. Many kids simply do not realize the inherent dangers of communicating with strangers online. Another problem is adult content. It is all too easy for a child to unwittingly stumble upon content that is meant for adults’ eyes only online.

The best way to ward off these potential problems is by engaging in ongoing supervision. Programs are also available that block adult content from popular Internet browsers. By putting these methods to use, you will be able to let your child explore the Internet without running across its most serious risks.

Are there drawbacks to allowing your child to use computers and go online? Absolutely. However, the advantages and benefits generally outweigh the risks. In this day and age, proficiency with computers is vital. Children need to know how to use the Internet, and they need to have a solid understanding of using computers too. From changing printer cartridges to clicking their way to the information that they need, today’s children should feel at ease with this kind of technology. These skills will serve them well throughout their lifetimes and will increase their odds of achieving success in adulthood.