CES 2012 – Samsung Introduces Smart Window Concept

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 9th, 2019

Samsung Smart Window

As you all know the CES 2012 is going on and with all the other spectacular gadgets and concepts being unveiled, Samsung too has something to show us all. Just to let you know it’s not related to Android as everything introduced by Samsung nowadays is mostly Andriod related. To tell you straight, Samsung has introduced a new concept called the “Smart Window”. To be honest its a killer concept opening up a new dimension of innovative and ground-shaking technology. Take a look at the video below to catch the first glimpse of this amazing concept.

Apart from all the eye-catching gadgets unveiled at CES 2012 this transparent window is surely one of the hottest pieces of technology seen so far. Samsung’s Smart Window just wraps the whole “minority report” experience right up.

You might be wondering how does this work. Samsung’s Transparent Smart Window is a fully functional LCD display that doubles as a transparent one-sided window. Users can play movies, browse the Internet, and use widgets and the good thing is that none of the content is visible from the other side. Smart Window basically casts a touch-controlled interface onto transparent glass with ambient light. As you saw in the video Samsung was demonstrating a whole range of applications, from Twitter to Microsoft Office, all touch-controlled and viewable directly on the glass. Images are viewable in daylight, and there’s a night time mode that uses side-lighting and flipped colors. The most interesting part is that you can even draw some virtual blinds to control the flow of light.

We do not have any words from Samsung yet, about the availability and cost of this amazing Smart Window. As this concept is recently introduced so it would take some time to reach the market but, it will not belong in 2012 before we can get our hands on this awesome baby. Let’s hope that Samsung turns this concept into a commercial product as soon as possible, We do not know about you but we surely are anxious to get one for our office.