The Best Celebrity Exercise Routines in 2013


Celebrity Exercise Routines

For those of us dedicated enough to self improvement, a brand new year often means a brand new set of New Year’s resolutions – and celebrities are no different. As January rolled up, a starry array of good intentions flooded the trough that is our celebrity news-feed, reminding us that there’s always more to be done in the pursuit of betterness – even when you’re already a superior human being. Among the resolutions, AskMen’s favorite blonde beaut, ‘Hunger Games’ actress Jennifer Lawrence said she planned to stand up for herself more in the new year (but didn’t reveal what was propping her up in the first place), whislt Tori ‘90210’ Spelling tweeted that she wanted to have more “adult-only” nights with her partner and their friends.

Other famous homo sapiens with the urge to resolve include Ashton Kutcher, who will be spending his 2013 in a more sympathetic and generous manner, whist R&B hat-case Ne-Yo is opting for a strictly vegan year. And finally, what handful of celebrity names would be complete without a token Kardashian or two thrown in for good measure? Kourtney Kardashian’s New Year’s resolution is to be nicer to her fella, whilst younger brother Rob plans to start a sock line – who says the Kardashians aren’t a talented bunch!


The Fitness Resolution

Many celebs however have the exact same resolution at the top of their list as some of us festively fatter mortals do (albeit written on posher paper, probably) – the ever popular, ever worthy intention to GET FIT. In celeb-land, being ‘fit’ usually just means looking very thin; but aside from juice & syrup diets, pill popping, liposuction, or hiring a regression therapist to find out where they got those extra pounds from in the first place – what celebrity exercise routines are allowing them to actually get fit?

The answer is exercise, naturally (and of course a responsible, healthy diet). Nothing new there. But what kind of exercise? Whether it’s a VIP-only gym membership in Beverley Hills inaccessible to us peasants, a hunky personal trainer called Jose, or celeb loved exercise gadgets, such as vibration plates, Fat Gripz, or Slendertones; stars always seem to have the upper hand when it comes to finding the latest and greatest methods to stay trim, tone up or get ripped. Here are just four of the latest celebrity exercise routines that the stars will be sweating over in 2013:


1. Crossfit

Crossfit celebrities

The ever popular work-out regime is undeniably one of the biggest celebrity fitness trends of the moment. Consisting of short, high intensity workouts, controversial Crossfit incorporates a range of work-out methods; from push-ups and lunges, to rowing, rope climbing and weight lifting (to name a few) – making it incredibly varied.

Hardy fans of Crossfit include Miss America Mallory Hagan, body-beautiful Jessica Biel, pop idol Kelly Clarkson (who claims the workout makes her feel like G.I. Jane), Vanessa Hudgens, and butch buggers Jason Statham and Brad Pitt.


2. Dancing

dancing celebrities

Dancing has been a part of celebrity exercise routine for quite some time and shows like ‘Dancing with the Stars’ have only powered its popularity amongst us lot. Scientology escapee Katie Holmes pranced and pirouetted her way to a ballet-beautiful body, whilst Latino-lovely Jennifer Lopez likes to shake her thing off the stage as much as she does on it. The benefits of dance have notably helped Kelly Osbourne transform her body (during her stint on DWTS in ‘09) into the stunning figure she resides within today, with Kirstie Alley and Ricki Lake reaping the benefits as well.

Zumba, belly dancing, JAM (which stands for Juicy Athletic Moves, a favorite of singer Pink), The Bar Method (a ballet inspired workout), Yoga Booty Ballet, and the Thigh Dancing Home Workout are just a few types of dance keeping a troupe of celebrities fit and fabulous.


3. Piloxing

Piloxing Celebrities

Piloxing is another celeb favorite when it comes to burning and firming. A combination of boxing and pilates, piloxing takes the vigorous moves of Mike Tyson and mixes it with the sculpting and flexibility benefits of pilates – whilst doing a sort of dance at the same time. Despite this interesting mix (and not getting to punch anyone) the stars are loving it, finding it as beneficial for the mind as it is the body.

Hilary Duff credited it for making her “feel physically strong and mentally empowered” and counts herself amongst its celebrity following. Others include sister Haylie Duff, and actress/singer Ashley Tisdale.


4. Hula Hooping

hula hooping celebrities

As hysterically funny as it looks when you do it, hula hooping is a fantastic workout. Burning up to 100 calories every ten minutes, the simple art of hula hopping is something most of us mastered during childhood.

With its popularity still on top after decades, celeb hula hoopists include first lady Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Liv Tyler and strummy man Jason Mraz. Fanatics of the hula hoop often claim that it’s a form of meditation, as much as it is exercise – further adding to its celebrity appeal.


What’s Next?

ballet boxing celebrities

When it comes to keeping fit these days there are so many different options, that even working out how you want to work out, is a work out in itself. Like any sensible person though, when the road forks in life it always makes sense to follow the footsteps of celebrity – and when it comes to fitness, they’ve certainly got it down.

So what new celebrity exercise routines will 2014 bring? Ballet boxing? Tango Trampolining? Yoga on stilts? Only time will tell…