16 Weirdest Music Myths You Won’t Even Imagine



6. Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven has Satanic Messages

Led Zeppelin

Established as one of the greatest rock songs of all time, Stairway to Heaven is truly an incredible masterpiece by the English Rock band, Led Zeppelin. Unfortunately, over the years, much of the genius composition of the song has been overshadowed by the claims of backward masking thanks to Paul Crouch Jr., a religious broadcaster. If played reversed, the song symbolizes demonic messages referring to Satan such as “Here’s to my sweet Satan”, “He will give those with him 666,” and “I sing because I live with Satan” To name a few.

Due to the existence of several versions of the alleged messages, the band finally acknowledged the issue of being labeled as satanic band as lead vocalist Robert Plant addressed the accusations in his interview with Musician magazine in 1983, “To me it’s very sad, because Stairway to Heaven was written with every best intention, and as far as reversing tapes and putting messages on the end, that’s not my idea of making music.” Furthermore, their label Swan Song Records issued the statement: “Our turntables only play in one direction—forwards.”


5. Courtney Love Killed Kurt Cobain

Courtney Love Killed Kurt Cobain

The death of the Seattle based grunge rock band Nirvana’s front man Kurt Cobain has been a subject of great debate since 1994. Though the death was ruled out as a suicide by a self-inflicted gunshot to the head, conspiracy theorists have come up with several other logical and odd alternatives to perceive the entire scenario as a murder.

One of the most popular yet outrageous explanations is the idea of Cobain being murdered by his very own wife, fellow musician and drug abuser Courtney Love.

The couple bonded by their mutual lifestyle of drugs, alcohol and grunge. Despite being wedded and having a daughter, the couple had its difficulties as a functional marriage; leading a large amount of fans to believe that Love indeed murdered her husband. Speculations aside, Cobain was a drug addict, heavy smoker, alcoholic, bipolar disorder sufferer, hard to work with and stated several times about how he was fed up with the world. Cobain shot himself and even left a suicide note. As far as the involvement of Love is concerned in a possible murder, there is simply no evidence.


4. Keith Richards’s Blood Transfusion of Drugs and Alcohol

Keith Richards blood transfusion

The lead guitarist of the English rock band Rolling Stones, Keith Richard is the embodiment of not only one of the greatest rock musicians alive today but also one of the most eccentric party animals in the music industry. Notorious for his bad boy antics, abundant usage of alcohol, heroin and other drug substances, it is amazing that he has lived up to 70 years.

Regarding his longevity and activeness, Richards revealed that during his band’s 1973 Pacific Tour in Switzerland, he underwent a blood transfusion containing alcohol and drugs as the vital components of the surgical operation. The story spread like a fire in a forest and people believed it. However, Keith assured everyone that he made up the tale since he was tired of answering questions about.


3. The Real Paul McCartney Has Been Dead Since 1966

Paul McCartney has been Dead

The story about founder of the Beatles – perhaps the greatest classical pop band of all time – Paul McCartney dying in a car accident in 1966 and replaced by a lookalike is one rumour that seems to resurface among the fans time and time again. McCartney being barefoot in the cover of the Abbey Road and slight hints in some of his band’s songs has always been considered as clues to support the myth as a reality.

In 1969, McCartney assured the fans that he was in fact alive during an interview with Life magazine as he paraphrased Mark Twain by stating, “Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated. However, if I was dead, I’m sure I’d be the last to know.” Unfortunately, not all the fans bought it and the myth is still brought up even today.


2. Ozzy Osbourne Bites a Bat on Stage

Ozzy Osbourne Bites a Bat on Stage

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The Godfather of heavy metal is no stranger to raising controversies and doing the unthinkable. In 1982, Black Sabbath front man Ozzy Osbourne shocked the entire audience by biting an alive bat on stage during his concert at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Des Moines, Iowa.

The bat was thrown at Osbourne by a 17-year old fan who thought that the animal was dead. Assuming that the bat was a mere plastic toy, the rock and roll veteran confidently picked it up and proceeded to bite it. Just when things could not go any more bizarre, the bat regained conscienceless and bit him back. Fortunately, Osbourne was treated for rabies soon afterwards.


1. Tupac Shakur is Alive

Tupac Shakur is alive

Some fans have a hard time letting go. While the same myth has been attributed to King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley and Doors front man Jim Morrison, it is the rapper Tupac Shakur who has been strongly accused of faking his death. Arguably the greatest and the most gifted rapper of all time, Tupac was shot multiple times in a drive-by shooting in 1996 and died six days later University Medical Center of Southern Nevada.

What makes the myth of the rapper faking the entire scenario so persistent even more than 15 years after his death are the numerous celebrities such as Suge Knight claiming that he is alive and well, nearly a thousand people from Haiti calling the police to inform them that they saw Tupac and several convincing theories from die hard fans.


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