Celebrity Houses On Sale This Winter

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON June 28th, 2022

Celebrity House for Sale

When businessmen, tycoons, and those with a little extra in their pocket are eyeing property investment, celebrity houses will always gather some interest and attraction for the fame association that comes with the dwelling. Who is selling off their multi-million dollar homes this festive season and who is moving out of Malibu into a luxury property for rent in London to catch the Oxford Street sales? With an eye on the stock market from one end of the globe to the other, we look at which celebrities, for whatever reason, have decided to pack their bags and have a change of scenery over the upcoming months. 


Number One

Celebrity House for Sale

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are selling their lovely Malibu beach, which currently weighs in at about 4000sq foot, for a larger property in the California area. Owning numerous properties around the world, including France, the United Kingdom, and Italy, they are looking to move away from the 4 bedroom and 4 bathroom property, leaving behind a sustainable style bamboo interior and the tennis courts.

It’s reported that Reese Witherspoon may have taken a shining to the property valued at around 8 and a half million pounds.


Number Two

Celebrity house For Sale

Helen Hunt has had an illustrious career and may very well be looking for a luxury property for sale in Florence at some time in her future, but right now she has just put her 2.8 million dollar Manhattan apartment on the market.

The star may be deciding that her current place is not “As Good as it Gets” and even though the beautiful 3 bedroom apartment has its very own doorman and is inside one of the most illustrious old 1913 buildings in New York.


Number Three

Celebrity House For Sale

Chris Tucker has decided that “Rush Hour” is here as he tries to offload his luxury mansion that includes its own personal spa and a dining area fit for a prince. During the period of 2006, the home was shown on the Street of Dreams as one of the most amazing homes and even has a basement area styled like a pirate boat!

Apparently, the star has fallen on slightly tougher times and a potential buyer could pick up a real bargain should the right price be offered.

During a recovery period in the real estate market, celebrity homes are still going for great rates if you find yourself in the purchasing bracket of superstars. After the rest of us hit the lottery numbers, who wouldn’t mind going out and picking up a celebrity house in the Hampton Hills?

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