Tablet Gaming: IPad 3 Vs Nexus 7

iPad 3 Vs Nexus 7

Tablets have stormed both the technology blogs and retail markets, showcasing their wonderful displays and ultra-fast processors. This newly-born tech has broadened the minds of consumers by combining portability with usability. By the fusion of these two, Apple sold 55 million units of iPads and Samsung shipped 2 million units of Galaxy Tab. Here we… Read More »

5 Best Free Sports Apps For Your IPhone

5 Best Free Sports Apps For Your iPhone

Sports apps for the iPhone come in many varieties for those who want to take part in a sportsbook bet, from those that keep you updated with the latest sporting news and stats, to those that let you watch your favorite live sports on the go. Many great apps are free, but there are some… Read More »

How To Make An IPhone App Without Touching IOS SDK

How to Make an iPhone App Without Touching iOS SDK

iPhone app-building applications are great if you wish to make your own iPhone app without using the iOS SDK. Every day the world is changing and there are plenty of situations and contexts in which novel iPhone apps can be created. Many ways are available by which you can achieve this. You do not have… Read More »

Top 5 IPhone Apps For Job Seekers

Top 5 iPhone Apps For Job Seekers

The iPhone fever is all around the globe, people are so much willing to buy it but why? Perhaps because its OS, i.e. iOS, supports well over 4 million apps. That many apps are enough to keep you entertained for the whole of your life, or even more. You, obviously, cannot download and check them… Read More »

How To Jailbreak IOS 5.1.1 Untethered With Redsnow 0.9.12b1

How to Jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 Untethered with Redsnow 0.9.12b1

Just a week before Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2012, the Dev iPhone team updated Redsnow to version 0.9.12b1, as a result of which, iPhone users can now untethered jailbreak their iPhones. The Dev team has also updated 3 other jailbreaking tools including the PwnageTool, Ultrasn0w, and Cinject. Let’s take a look at how to jailbreak iOS 5.1.1… Read More »