Best Printing Apps For The IPad

Best Printing Apps for the iPad

Mobile devices themselves are not all that, erm…mobile. Yes, they offer the Internet and a variety of other things, but it is the applications and external accessories that truly make them mobile. Great efforts have been made to enable virtually anything to be possible via a mobile device. They are increasingly becoming a sort of… Read More »

Health Apps To Keep You On Track

Health Apps to Keep You on Track

Technology is the gift that keeps on giving. A generation ago, we never could have dreamed of owning devices like iPads, movement trackers, and heart monitors, all of which can be used to help us improve our health each day. A number of years back, we didn’t have choices like these. Additionally, with smartphones, we… Read More »

IPhone Apps To Help You Keep Track Of Your Mail

iPhone Apps to Help You Keep Track of Your Mail

As a small business owner, you are expected to be in multiple places at the same time or keep track of ten different things at the same time. What can you do when you’re outside the office but still need to check on what’s going on? Thankfully, various iOS apps have been developed to help… Read More »

Update: IPhone 5 Release And Its Rumored Features

iPhone 5 Officially Launched Here's Everything You Need to Know

Apple hasn’t made an announcement yet on the official release date of the iPhone 5 but an article from Reuters has mentioned that China’s largest e-commerce website Taobao has now been accepting pre-orders for the much-awaited 6th generation of iPhone. The website is even complete with design concept pictures of the new iPhone 5 and its technical… Read More »

Apple’s Lisa: The Innovative Commercial Disaster

Apple's Lisa: The Innovative Commercial Disaster

In 1983 when Apple designed The Lisa, it was released into the world as the new business computer that would be a strong follow-up to the Apple II. It was released after a very long development process with a lot of delays. Lisa shook up the computer world, mainly because its cost was so high:… Read More »