4 Things Parents Overlook About The IPad

Things Parents Overlook about the iPad

Either your child has an iPad or it eventually will. Despite its price and initial criticism, the iPad has found enormous success, especially among the young. For parents, it provides a quick-fix “nanny” that will buy them precious time of calm and peace. In the past, this was not something that was accepted, but today,… Read More »

10 Best Photography Apps For IPhone

10 Best Photography Apps For iPhone

The camera of an iPhone has always been one of its strongest features. The camera offered in the latest iPhone 4S represents a quantum leap in mobile camera technology. Witnessing images taken from an iPhone 4S can easily make you realize the sheer quality the latest mobile cams offer. Here’s a list of the top 10 photography… Read More »

5 Best IPhone Apps For Engineers

Best iPhone Apps for Engineers

Apple’s iPhone is a wonderful gadget that can keep your life in order in a variety of ways. Not only can you engage in phone calls with friends, family, and acquaintances, but you can also stay productive, organized, and entertained. Downloading some of the countless apps present on the iTunes App Store can help you… Read More »

3 Best Skin Packs To Transform Windows 7

Best Skin Packs to Transform Windows 7

Everything in life needs a change after some time, and so is the case with your PC. One gets bored by looking at the same desktop screen again and again, although it’s very easy to change the look of your PC by just changing wallpapers and themes which keeps the look of your PC fresh… Read More »

Top 5 DJ-ing Apps For Your Mobile Device

DJ-ing Apps for Your Mobile Device

Smartphones and iPads have turned the world of the DJ upside down. You no longer need to have an arsenal of records or CDs on file. Now you can organize thousands of songs into playlists without the need to fiddle with any physical copies. If you don’t have a smartphone, get one and optimize it… Read More »