All In One Computers: Why The IMac Should Be Worried

All in one Computers: Why the iMac Should be Worried

The iMac has held the crown of ‘best all-in-one’ for years. But recent developments by other competitor manufacturers are starting to see impacts on the numbers. Why should Apple be worried? Firstly, there are the numbers. In 2010, all-in-one computer sales were predicted to be up 68 percent, to 11.5 million units worldwide – with… Read More »

Battle Of The Best: IPhone 5 Vs. Samsung Galaxy S3

iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3: Nunchucks, lightsabers, and stand-tall towers. We’ve all seen the iPhone 5 meme’s come out as soon as the phone did. With competition coming out strong against Apple in the form of the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the US market, lawsuits were thrown left and right before the release of… Read More »

3 Best Cydia Apps Of 2012

In today’s world life can be a roller coaster ride, whether it is the life of Eric Schmidt or iPhone apps. If you talk about the best iOS repository after the official App Store, then Cydia would surely top the charts. As you know how selective Apple is about apps that get to be a… Read More »

4 Things The Future IPhone Should Have (But Never Will)

4 Things The Future iPhone Should Have (But Never Will)

We already know what the new iPhone’s going to have: a bigger screen (allegedly), a faster processor (almost definitely), and a new docking connector (reputedly), not to mention NFC (purportedly) and longer battery life (allegedly). So in short then, we know nothing – not until it’s confirmed by Apple at least, which won’t happen until… Read More »