11 Things We Want To See In IOS 7

11 Things We Want To See in iOS 7

Apple doesn’t rest after launching a new invention in terms of a new product or an OS. The iPod got better, iOS smarter and the iPad mini is a new definition of innovation. iOS 6 came with its share of innovative features like amazing phone app controls like ‘send to voicemail’, Siri the voice recognition… Read More »

How To Disable Location Tracking And User Data Collection In Google Maps

How to Disable Location Tracking and User Data Collection in Google Maps

The new Google Maps app offers a smooth, fast, and most importantly accurate user experience using Google’s real-time data and mapping information. Google has powered this mapping application with lots of features such as a built-in local search to find different places, voice-guided turn-by-turn directions, transit route directions, live traffic information, 3D images, panoramic images,… Read More »

How To Change The Default Search Engine On Your IPhone

How to Change the Default Search Engine on your iPhone

The three main Internet search engines that are available today are Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Each service has its own strengths and benefits and each one delivers slightly different search results when compared to the others. By default, your iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad will always search using Google whenever you type a search term… Read More »

5 Best Cloud Storage Apps For IPhone

Best Cloud Storage Apps for iPhone

Storage technology has evolved over years from the large floppy disks and diskettes to tiny USB drives. And now, we have entered into the era of clouds where we can store all the necessary data on countless computational servers located in different parts of the world. Cloud storage technology has changed the way of storing… Read More »

Weird Apps That You Can Test The IPhone 5 With

iPhone 5

Sure there might be weird iPhone 5 covers and cases that you might find interesting and cheap to use. But it is also interesting to know that there are a number of strange and weird apps that still somehow manage to pass the standards of Apple to be placed in the app store. From the… Read More »