5 Best Cloud Storage Apps For IPhone

Best Cloud Storage Apps for iPhone

Storage technology has evolved over years from the large floppy disks and diskettes to tiny USB drives. And now, we have entered into the era of clouds where we can store all the necessary data on countless computational servers located in different parts of the world. Cloud storage technology has changed the way of storing… Read More »

Weird Apps That You Can Test The IPhone 5 With

iPhone 5

Sure there might be weird iPhone 5 covers and cases that you might find interesting and cheap to use. But it is also interesting to know that there are a number of strange and weird apps that still somehow manage to pass the standards of Apple to be placed in the app store. From the… Read More »

Review: StealthGenie Spy Software For IPhone

Review: StealthGenie Spy Software for iPhone

You can escort your kids to school and back, take them to parties at their friends’ place, buy them postpaid mobile phone connections, meet their friends, and often try to peek into their secret drawer, but still feel that your kids are not entirely under your watchful eye – as they still have some hidden… Read More »

Mobile BI: The Next Wave Of Business Intelligence

The Next Wave of Business Intelligence

As technology expands further into the cloud and previously unimaginable amounts of computational power are now available to businesses of all sizes, business intelligence solutions have never been more popular, or more necessary. As the business world gets less tied down to the office, or even down to a single state or country, the next… Read More »

Top 5 Food Apps For IPhone

Top 5 Food Apps for iPhone

There are 737,917 active apps on the Apple app store. With the sheer number of new apps launching every day (roughly 900 per day), chances are, you’ll zero in on some cool food apps for iPhone to satiate your love for food. After all, the iPhone is the perfect device to discover new eating joints,… Read More »

Should You Upgrade To IOS 6?

Should You Upgrade to iOS 6?

With the release of Apple’s 6th iPhone… the iPhone 5 (go figure)… it stands to reason that there would be a new iOS to go with it, and true to form iOS 6 has been released just in time to coincide with the launch. If you’re getting an iPhone 5 then you have no choice… Read More »