Google Details Its Use Of Ubuntu Linux Called Goobuntu

Google Details its Use of Ubuntu Linux Called Goobuntu

Built on open-source software, Google runs its widely-used search engine and online applications. But aside from its use of open-source software, Google reveals at the LinuxCon how it utilizes a derivative of Ubuntu Linux for thousands of desktop users. They call this “Goobuntu”.   Google Chooses Ubuntu Over Others Aside from Ubuntu, Google went over… Read More »

Top 7 Online Reputation Management Tools

Online Reputation Management Tools

It is very essential that an online reputation for your brands is built up to promote you among the target audience to enhance profits and increase customers. Regardless of what your business is about, you want to make sure you are covered in case anything were to happen, especially when it comes to legal fees… Read More »

Top 10 Apps For Android Smartphones

Top 10 Apps for Android Smartphones

There are many users who switch to Android smartphones because of the number and variety of Android apps it provides and that too for free of cost. You can give permissions to apps on your Android phone just as you run a program on Windows on a desktop computer. The Android apps perform much more… Read More »

Best Twitter Plugins For WordPress

Best Twitter Plugins For WordPress

WordPress has quickly become one of the most dominating ways of building a website easily and effectively. It has a whole range of functionality that is simple to use and caters to the needs of most businesses; building a comprehensive website to promote your company’s attributes and assets. Equally, Twitter has become a formidable force… Read More »

5 Best Social Media Automation Tools

5 Best Social Media Automation Tools

Many companies and webmasters are using social media to reach out to and engage their audience. Some outsource their efforts, and some make in-house dedicated teams for managing all social media accounts. There are some companies and webmasters that opt to update their status in real time, and then there are those who like to automate. Automating social media is… Read More »