7 Ways To Optimize An Email Blast

7 Ways to Optimize an Email Blast

If you are going to send an email blast – a mass email to your customers – you want to make sure you do it the right way. A poorly done email blast could potentially do more harm than good. So here are some ways to optimize an email blast effectively:   1. Make Sure… Read More »

What Is Google’s Android Operating System?

What is Google's Android Operating System?

Google’s Android operating system (OS) is the most popular smartphone platform in the world and is the software behind some of the most powerful handsets on the market, including the Samsung Galaxy Note II and the HTC One X. Founded in 2003 by Andy Rubin, Android was brought by Google in 2005 and developed into what… Read More »

4 Best Free Android Apps For Editing Documents

4 Best Free Android Apps for Editing Documents

Creating and editing documents on your Android smartphone usually requires an extra app to be installed on your device. Many programs designed for creating and modifying documents on your phone will charge a subscription fee or one-off charge for using their service or downloading their application. However, there are several apps available that perform the… Read More »

What You Can Learn From Interactive Music Videos

interactive music videos

Interaction between computers, games, and users is a given. As the Internet continues to infiltrate our lives interesting creative processes of musicians and fans are happening in the public eye.  A great example is the “Old Spice” advertisement on YouTube that allows the viewer to play with Terry Crews’ muscles and musical instruments. Every musician… Read More »