Wikipedia App For Android Announced After SOPA Blackout

Wikipedia App for Android Announced After SOPA Blackout

After protesting against the US legislation, Wikipedia blacked out on Jan 18, 2012, against the Stop Online Piracy Act/Protect Internet Protocol Address (SOPA/PIPA) going to be implemented in the next weeks. Many other sites like (Reddit etc) also made the same move. In the meanwhile, Wikipedia has released its official app for Android. It has… Read More »

Is Personal Search The Death Of SEO?

Is Personal Search the Death of SEO

This week Google rolled out Search plus Your World; a new ‘personal search’ that merges people, posts, and +1’d pages with usual search results. So, is personal search the death of SEO as we know it? Twitter immediately called this ‘bad for the internet’ and many people have called this Google’s attempt to dominate social… Read More »

Top 7 Free Android Games To Help You Chill

Free Android Games to Help You Chill

We all know that Android devices can be amazing productivity tools when you know how to use them right. But we also know that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”; there are moments in life when you just need to kick back and chill, for the sake of recharging batteries and… Read More »