Android Coupon Code Apps List

Saving money is what we all love to do with discounts, coupon codes, bargains, etc. But now anyone can easily save money with the help of an Android mobile. There are many applications available in the Android marketplace that provide virtual coupon codes, for any product, to the users easily. There is no rental or… Read More »

Top 5 Free Games For Android Devices

Top 5 Free Games For Android Devices

Android phone without gaming apps is just like a body without a heart. Here are the top 5 free games for Android devices that are available in the Google Play store and these should be on every android device:   5. Mission Impossible Gangsters, guns, girls, thrills, adventure, armored vehicles, almost everything, even a kitchen… Read More »

Top 10 Awesome Android Apps For Bloggers

Blogging is no longer a hobby only. Many bloggers are earning well from it and probably all the bloggers know the value of keeping the blog updated. In the busy schedule of daily life, it is now very difficult for one to keep posting content by sitting in front of his/her desktop. Android mobiles are… Read More »

Did Google Just Make Android Safer With Bouncer?

With the recent spate of malware attacks against Android users, a lot of people are saying it is late for Google to be doing something about it. A few days ago up to five million Android devices were infected with “counterclank” thanks to a bevy of falsified apps in the Android market. Read on to… Read More »