Are You A Smart Searcher?

Are You a Smart Searcher

Sure, you use Google to get the info you need. But are you getting the info you need as quickly as you could? Are you using Google Search efficiently and to its full potential? Are You a Smart Searcher? Here are a few tips that can transform you into a smart searcher:   Definitions Google makes… Read More »

Top 5 DJ-ing Apps For Your Mobile Device

DJ-ing Apps for Your Mobile Device

Smartphones and iPads have turned the world of the DJ upside down. You no longer need to have an arsenal of records or CDs on file. Now you can organize thousands of songs into playlists without the need to fiddle with any physical copies. If you don’t have a smartphone, get one and optimize it… Read More »

Google Buys Sparrow, Gmail Is About To Get Better

Google Buys Sparrow

Google created a lot of buzz in the blogosphere today with the news of its recent buyout of Sparrow. Sparrow is a popular email productivity app for Mac and iPhone and its acquisition by Google will certainly help Google enhance its Gmail experience on Mac and iPhone. Google will keep the Sparrow app alive but… Read More »

Intelligent Guesses Or Secret Data Collection?

Intelligent Guesses or Secret Data Collection?

We are increasingly incorporating electronics into our lives, particularly in the field of mobile devices. From retail shopping to social networking, we are immersed in electronic, virtual worlds, clicking away without any in-depth thought. It rarely occurs to people that they are in fact leaving a digital trail and that simply clearing your history folder is… Read More »

Augmented Reality: Our Google Future

Augmented Reality: Our Google Future

After watching the new Google X Lab advert for their new future vision of augmented reality, Project Glass, you may come away a little shocked, a little confused, and a tiny bit scared. Augmented Reality is fundamentally about wearing some special glasses that are like mini-portable computers that use Android technology to digitally transfer data… Read More »

5 Android Business Apps You Can’t Afford To Miss

5 Android Business Apps You Can’t Afford to Miss

Running a business of any size is stressful. You’re constantly running around pitching to clients, trying to convert inquiries into sales, and making sure the day-to-day running of the company goes smoothly. But with finances squeezed and banks being more restricted in their lending, it can be a real struggle to make ends meet. Yet… Read More »