Does Google Plus Affect Your SEO?

Does Google Plus Affect Your SEO

Social networking sites have revamped the way people use and browse the Internet. On average, it can be said that today anyone who logs into the Internet makes it a point to first open a social networking site. If the trend started with Orkut and MySpace, Facebook took it forward to such an extent that… Read More »

Top 5 Ways To Beat Google Panda Update

Top 5 Ways to Beat Google Panda Update

The Panda update has been giving bloggers and other site owners, nightmares of sorts as the rankings of their blogs and sites have suffered a lot due to the updates. The Google algorithm is basically to distinguish original material from one that has been copied and thus the ones who have used the “Shortcuts” are… Read More »

Is Personal Search The Death Of SEO?

Is Personal Search the Death of SEO

This week Google rolled out Search plus Your World; a new ‘personal search’ that merges people, posts, and +1’d pages with usual search results. So, is personal search the death of SEO as we know it? Twitter immediately called this ‘bad for the internet’ and many people have called this Google’s attempt to dominate social… Read More »

Top 5 Reasons Why Drupal Websites Are Highly SEO Friendly

The important aspect a person should consider is that his website is capable of adopting the changes that are made to it. In the present world, nothing is available free of cost, if you are familiar with content management systems like Drupal, you can make the changes to your website without hiring any technical staff and… Read More »

Short Post Versus Long Post: Which Is Better?

Short Post Versus Long Post: Which is Better

As a blogger, you determine the length of your post based on how much you want to convey. There’s also your blog niche to consider – some subjects are too deep to be justified with short posts. You have to also consider your reader base and what they expect from you. Even with all these… Read More »